Rory D. Sweeney

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With nearly two decades of experience working in all facets of the media and mass communications industry, I specialize in environmental and energy issues.

My current assignment:

RTO Insider

a selection of articles I've written previously:

Doubling Down — with Other People’s Money: How Two Traders Linked to 2013 Scandal Left PJM Members Holding the Bag for Millions

Feature article: Blue & Gray Going Green (Elizabethtown Magazine)

Guest essay: Shouldn’t energy be produced locally as well? (Daily Messenger, Canandaigua, NY)

Sending genes to save a child (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre, PA):

Mine tunnels seen as assets

Inventors eye biomass chances

The first article in a series explaining energy generation, transmission and distribution. It's not pretty, but you can read a scanned version of the rest of the series here.

The Keystone Edge:

Made in PA: Solar Innovations lets the sun shine in

Trailblazing: Ecotourism in the Former Coal Belts of Northeast Pennsylvania

Montrose Company Debunking Urban Wind Legends

Science's Rah-Rah Gal: Philly's Darlene Cavalier Cheers for Discovery

The Curious Case of Button Oil Company

Benton's Home Field Advantage Heats Up

Simple is Better for Entrepreneurial Food Scientist

Bridging Nano Commercialization's Valley of Death

At EthosGen, Ethanol is a Family Affair

Drilling Down: Impact of Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Play

Drilling Down: Marcellus Shale Positions Pennsylvania as a Clean Energy Hub

Drilling Down: Marcellus Shale Drives Innovation Across PA, Region

- The Power of Sludge

The Return of the Milkman: How a NEPA Grocery is Bringing Back–and Improving–Home Delivery

Bricks, Mortar and Styrofoam

Guns, Cigars and the Algebra of Recession

Unleashing the Market: The Promise of Electricity Deregulation

a selection of articles where i provided information:

Apache Advances In Egypt Despite Tough Market Conditions

Chesapeake stems flow from blown Pennsylvania gas well

A series on the development of oil and gas assets:

Part 1: Leasehold acquisition

Part 2: Site development and pad construction

Part 3: Well drilling

Part 4: Hydraulic fracturing

Part 5: Production and site reclamation

Part 6: Midstream operations

projects i've overseen:

Methane: An Element of Nature

Apache Corporation's 2015 Sustainability Report

"Apache At a Glance" Brochure

Paratus Diagnostics Brochure

Websites I manage:

YPE Philly Chapter



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Hi, i'm rory sweeney

I have been writing professionally since 2000, when the daily newspaper I was working at as an after-school job paid me to write an insider's look at the great season my football team was having (I didn't save a copy and it doesn't seem to be in their archives anymore, so I can't show you -- which is probably for the best), More than a decade and a half later, I've now worked in all facets of the media and mass communications industry, with a focus and specialization in energy and environmental issues.

During 11 years in print media, I worked as a reporter, editor, page designer, photographer, agate clerk and multimedia developer, twice winning statewide awards for coverage. I've spent the five subsequent years in external affairs for two Fortune 100 oil and gas companies, media and marketing consulting and freelance writing, along with other content creation, Beyond telling engaging stories that get results, I have extensive experience in crisis response, third-party advocacy development, community outreach and government relations.

I've worked in front of and behind camera, been the interviewer at times and the interviewee, the consultant as well as the client. I know what both sides need throughout the process, so I can deliver exactly what will make your life easier.

How we meet our energy needs while protecting our environment is the most important decision we – and generations to come – will make. I'm excited and driven to help lead the discussion that produces action on such a significant, profound topic.


Other fun things

Beyond my professional endeavors, I enjoy playing the bagpipes -- both for solo gigs or in bands, if they'll let me -- and participating in the finest sport in the world: rugby. Both activities have kept me thoroughly entertained for years and, hopefully, will continue to do so for many more to come!

You can learn a lot from either one; maybe I'll write about it someday in a post.